Cogency grew out of a desire to take my favorite parts of my job and make them my whole job. Collaborating with others to bring ideas to life, designing or improving business processes, giving teams the things they need so they can thrive – those are the things that make my day.

We provide leadership development, team building, business process development, and individual growth to small businesses, nonprofits, corporate teams, and individuals looking for a helping hand. Curiosity, communication, and clarity are our guiding principles, and we tailor our solutions to meet you where you are in your professional journey

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Our Beliefs

We believe that the benefits of yoga should be accessible. This means that neither age, nor ability, location, or even economic circumstance should prevent anyone from finding their practice. Therefore we employ minimal staff in a virtual environment so our classes accommodate YOU.

The global community matters greatly to Unity Zoom Yoga and our belief is to give back more than we receive

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